Calamansi Juice Stories
Taken steaming hot when feverish, or ice cold for refreshment.. this has been my ultimate comfort drink since childhood. Join me in taking a sip or two.

of fat babies and aging mums

i realize it's been almost a year since my last post, and tiago looks nothing like his baby announcement picture so...

this is him now.

and yes, i have been advised to sign him up for baby pilates sessions.


having an older man (who is not so old) for a husband, i smugly thought i would have the benefit of feeling forever young. however, thanks to pablo, there are times when i suddenly feel ancient. he recently saw an Olympia typewriter for the first time, and referred to it as "old computer". i also vaguely remember him asking if there were any games on it, but i was only half-listening, swept away by self-images with crow’s feet, age spots, a bent spine and and a sagging tummy.

kids really know how to put you in your place without even trying.

meet our new son :)


Toilet Seat Battle

I have a strange feeling that it’s beginning to happen… male domination.

One night while lying in bed watching tv, I noticed my husband get up and head for the bathroom. I heard him do his thing on the wee-wee bowl, since the door was slightly ajar… when suddenly it dawned on me.

As soon as he stepped back into the room, I suspiciously asked him:

Me: You didn’t put the toilet seat up, did you.

Him: (Taken aback and slightly defensive) No, I didn’t.

Me: Sigh. How many times… (my voice trailing off)

Him: (Having collected his wits) Do you realize that there will be 3 of us (males) soon? You’re the only girl so maybe the toilet seat should be left up, and put down only when you use it.

I racked my brain for an answer to that one, but much as I hate to admit it, his remark made some sense. So I just shut up and pretended not to hear him.

So now in our bathroom, the toilet seat is officially left UP. Score for the men.

At least I still get to choose the tv channels to watch. For now.


You should have seen the million-watt beam on my husband's face when he learned that he would have another mini-me. I guess he prayed harder.

Maybe it's the hormones working overtime again, but.. although I too am excited about the fact that another little munster will soon be running around the house, some part of me slightly dreads the prospect of 3 testosteroney beings ganging up on the only female in the house.. namely, myself.

Maybe i can start rethinking about our agreement about having only 2 kids. Because pretty soon i'll be needing an ally.

The Unhurried Woman

Been reading this wonderful book, "Meditations During Pregnancy" by Beth Wilson Saavedra. Last night's meditation was about Pacing Ourselves and Slowing Down.

An unhurried woman is willing to include some emptiness in her day. That way, when you ask if she's got time for you, she almost always does.. it takes courage to be an unhurried woman. It means giving up accolades like, "I don't know how she does it all."

Although our lives seem more complicated than that of the unhurried woman from our past, we would do well to remember her example. Soon we will have a little one whose needs will demand that we slow down and make unhurried time for him, like looking at a picture he's painted, or when he needs help assembling a model airplane.

I love my mom dearly, but I sorely miss Papa who was always unhurried when it came to us. He had his own share of troubles, but would always ask us how our day went, in spite of his own tiredness after a long day. Sometimes a simple "how are you feeling today" goes a long way.

Conversations with a Toddler

My son and I sometimes suffer from communication problems. Let me explain. His vocabulary is composed of words that sound alike yet mean different things. For example:

Tey - Water, Clay, Okay, Computer
Han or An - Sun, Hand, One
Yite - Write, Like
Moy - Small, More
Ee - Wee-wee, Jelly, Money

Anyway.. Recently I was busy with some paperwork when he climbed on my lap, attempting to pester me. So I told him to go and play with his new balloon (actually an inflated surgical glove from his Ninang Catherine).

He looked at me and said, “Yoon.. pey.. dan.”

I paused and blinked twice. Then I understood.

Me: Ok, you want to PLAY with your BALLOON DOWNSTAIRS?
Him (Getting frustrated): No.. pey.. dan.
Me (After another short pause): You want to PLAY with your DRUM instead?
Him (Now angry and bangs on the table): Pey.. dan. Pey.. dan.. yoon!
Me: Balloon?
Him: Yes. Pey.. dan.

At least we got that settled. He was talking about his balloon, alright. So I stood up and told him that we would go get his balloon. Still troubled, he led me to the window and there I saw it.

His balloon FELL DOWN.

The change in his expression from that of frustration to absolute joy was remarkable, when he saw that I finally understood.

But his happiness was short-lived. No sooner had we retrieved the balloon, when he said…

“Mama… tey.”

Mommy's Masterpiece.

Oh was Pablo thrilled! He didn’t seem to mind that one leg fell off when he lifted The Creation. After all, mommy was able to stick it back on.

In his eyes at that particular moment, I was The Goddess.