Calamansi Juice Stories: of fat babies and aging mums
Taken steaming hot when feverish, or ice cold for refreshment.. this has been my ultimate comfort drink since childhood. Join me in taking a sip or two.

of fat babies and aging mums

i realize it's been almost a year since my last post, and tiago looks nothing like his baby announcement picture so...

this is him now.

and yes, i have been advised to sign him up for baby pilates sessions.


having an older man (who is not so old) for a husband, i smugly thought i would have the benefit of feeling forever young. however, thanks to pablo, there are times when i suddenly feel ancient. he recently saw an Olympia typewriter for the first time, and referred to it as "old computer". i also vaguely remember him asking if there were any games on it, but i was only half-listening, swept away by self-images with crow’s feet, age spots, a bent spine and and a sagging tummy.

kids really know how to put you in your place without even trying.